All of our affiliates

are uniting toward solutions for sustainability and building a strong community foundation and a part of that are transformative — drug and alcohol free — music, art, and yoga festivals (or gatherings as we call them in our earth family). The PermaJam experience is full of educational workshops that demonstrate valuable “earth skills” as well as musical performances, yoga, educational activities for kids, hiking, local vending, and much more. Honoring and bringing together different subcultures, Unifier Festival is an event for yoga, sacred world music, healing, and expressive arts. It is a live art show, a dance party, a place for ceremony, permaculture, for sculptural works and circus arts. It is a place to care for the land and eat organic food as well as to inspire and be inspired by our kids and our elders. 

A path is being paved to use these models and host transformative events across the world, and then give back even more to youth who are considered to be at-risk because of extenuating life circumstances. Already dozens of locations are asking us to bring PermaJam and Unifer to their communities as well as more yoga for local after school programs and other partners! In the coming years we will help raise funds for these communities and the people who attend will actually participate in transforming these landscapes into thriving integrated systems based on permaculture, music, art, fitness, and freedom of expression. By choosing to co-sponsor with Freedom2Fit, Inc. you are supporting our initiative to leave lands cleaner and healthier than we found them, to educate our community in fostering more peaceful relationships with ourselves and each other, and to contribute to a brighter future for the next generations. We hear the calling for a cultural revival; as conscious and aware humans unite, we have the power to provide valuable wisdom, tools, and skillsets that our children need to grow. As we evolve together, let us create a culture of earth stewardship, reciprocity, responsibility, and love for the land that sustains us.